Floating On A Tidal Wave

Swiming with the sharks untill we drown

Espanyooo baby - A day in the life if James

Having a great time with my brother/enemy Henry, i fancied lots of people at the beach and at the swimming pool, sorry girlfreind but i found somone else.
Not missing anyone, why i hear you say? Because i dont like any of you and i never will. While i am living in heaven/spain i hope you are all drowning in england cause off all the rain. I like talking to the spainish much more than all of you but i cant help my self from mentioning they were out first in the world cup.

I dont like staying in the same room as my brother ted, he SMELLS SOOO MUCH!

Ik all of you peasant have skiped the whole message so read it, thats all from me adios.